Radford University officials initiate early planning for the decommissioning of Muse Hall

Radford University Proposing Historic Change to Campus Residence Hall “Muse Hall”

Are you a student looking for a better dorm experience? Well, Radford University has some exciting news for you! In a historic move, university officials are proposing to phase out the aging residence building, Muse Hall.

Built 53 years ago, Muse Hall has been a staple on campus and currently houses nearly 1,000 students in its 13-story structure. However, with issues ranging from rusted water fountains to malfunctioning elevators, many students like freshman Joey Wilson and Kathryn Wilkinson have expressed their dissatisfaction with the living conditions in Muse Hall.

“I see water fountains with rust on them, the elevators are super slow,” Wilson said. “This is where you’re living. You don’t want to live in a not-so-nice place. You want to relax in a nice, enjoyable space.”

Wilkinson echoed Wilson’s sentiments, mentioning the challenges of malfunctioning equipment and the lack of benefits from living in Muse Hall. “I’ve only been here for two months, but nothing really beneficial comes from the building,” she said.

In response to these concerns, university leaders have announced plans to have zero students living in Muse Hall by 2024 and to completely decommission the building by 2028. While still in the planning stages, university officials have deemed the costs to renovate Muse Hall as not viable due to the extensive overhaul that would be required.

For students like Wilson and Wilkinson, this proposed change signals a positive shift towards a better dorm experience. Wilson believes that the phase-out of Muse Hall will lead to a more enjoyable living environment for all students, while Wilkinson feels that renovation shouldn’t even be an option at this point.

So, if you’re looking for a more comfortable and pleasant dorm living experience, keep an eye on Radford University’s plans for Muse Hall. This historic change could pave the way for a brighter future for students on campus.


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