Don’t Waste Your Money: Skip These “Essential” Dorm Room Items

Items You Probably Don’t Need to Bring to Your College Dorm Room

As summer comes to an end, many students are preparing to embark on their college journey. While packing for your dorm room, it’s important to consider what items you should leave behind to save space and avoid clutter. To help you navigate this process, we’ve compiled a list of items you probably don’t need to bring to your dorm room.

1. Tons of Throw Pillows:
While aesthetically pleasing, throw pillows can take up valuable space on your bed and may end up on the floor more than on your bed. Consider bringing only a few that you truly love to avoid overcrowding.

2. Your Whole Wardrobe:
Closet space in dorm rooms is limited, so bring only the clothes you love and will wear frequently. Consider packing only in-season clothes to save space and avoid clutter.

3. Extra Shoes:
Limit the number of shoes you bring to college as you may find yourself wearing the same pairs over and over. Bring one pair of dress shoes for special occasions, but leave behind excess footwear to save space.

4. Iron and Ironing Board:
Traditional irons and ironing boards can take up space and may not be necessary for frequent use. Consider using wrinkle spray or a hand-held steamer for quick fixes, or hang clothes in the bathroom while you shower to help straighten them out.

5. Extra Kitchen Appliances:
Most dorms provide necessary appliances like microwaves, toasters, and coffee machines in common areas. Unless you need specific appliances for dietary restrictions or preferences, consider leaving extra kitchen appliances at home to save space.

6. Lots of Dishware:
Avoid bringing an excess of plates and cups as they can lead to clutter and unnecessary dishes to wash. Stick to one of each item and opt for microwavable dishware to ease cleaning.

7. Candles:
Many dorms prohibit candles due to fire hazards, so it’s best to leave them at home. Consider using wax melt warmers or diffusers for a pleasant scent without the flame.

8. A Printer:
Most colleges offer printing services for a small fee and have printers available in various campus buildings. Bringing a personal printer may not be necessary and could be prohibited due to interference with the dorm’s Wi-Fi connection.

9. Collectible Items/Items of Emotional Significance:
Consider leaving valuable or sentimental items at home where they can stay safe. Dorm rooms can have high foot traffic, increasing the risk of damage, loss, or theft of precious items. Take care of items that you do bring to ensure their safety.

10. Your Entire Library:
While you may love books, consider bringing a few favorites and utilizing digital libraries or reading apps for more options. Cycling out books during breaks can help you enjoy reading without cluttering your space.

11. Futons:
While futons can be comfortable, they may take up valuable space in a smaller dorm room. Consider the layout of your room before bringing a futon to avoid limiting flexibility and open space.

By carefully selecting the items you bring to your dorm room, you can create a functional, clutter-free space that maximizes comfort and efficiency. Remember, less is often more when it comes to dorm room essentials. Happy packing!


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