The College Dorm: A Sanctuary for Mid Kids’ Humanity

Exploring Middlebury Students’ Dorm Room Decor: A Reflection of Self

The Return to Dorm Life: A Canvas of Self-Expression for Middlebury Students

After a summer filled with work, adventure, and fun, Middlebury students have returned to their on-campus homes. Dorm rooms are not just places for studying, sleeping, and the occasional party. They are sanctuaries that reflect the essence of the student’s soul, serving as a canvas for self-expression and creativity.

For Kate Vasquez ’26, having a single dorm room this semester was an opportunity to finally decorate a space that truly felt like her own. Coming from a childhood room filled with pink walls and white-and-pink-ribboned wallpaper, Vasquez was excited to explore light green and blue color palettes in her new dorm. Using mirrors and light colors, she aimed to create a room that felt expansive and bright.

Similarly, Skiles Roberts-Salvador ’26 emphasized the importance of having a dorm room that reflected her personality and creativity. Decorating her room with pieces from friends and art students, she found inspiration and comfort in the unique design of her space.

For Ellie Trinkle ’26, her dorm room served as a place of familiarity and safety amidst the chaos of college life. Adorning her walls with maps, letters, and mementos from her home in New York City, Trinkle created a space that bridged the past, present, and future of her journey.

Talia Trigg ’26 chose to decorate her room with colorful sailing burgees and paintings that held personal significance, creating a space that felt like a scrapbook of her life and dreams. Cole Chaudhari ’26 curated a collection of books and academic materials on his shelves, symbolizing his intellectual and artistic journey.

Bella Lucente ’25 transformed her dorm into an altar of her own story, showcasing items that held significant personal connections. Maisha Nuba ’26 combined Taylor Swift and Bernie Sanders paraphernalia in her decor, creatively expressing her admiration for both artists.

Whether political, emotional, sentimental, or artistic, dorm room decorations at Middlebury play a crucial role in students’ journeys of self-realization. Each dorm room serves as a unique reflection of its resident’s life, values, and interests, making it a truly personal and intimate space for the academic year ahead.


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