Son’s mother leaves cardboard cutout of herself in…

Mother Pranks Son with Dorm Room Decorations: TikTok Video Goes Viral

Are you ready for some college move-in day shenanigans? Well, one mother took the opportunity to prank her son in the most hilarious way possible, and the internet is loving it!

Jill Wagner decided to have some fun with her son, Hakin, as he prepared to move into his dorm room at Maryville University. Hakin had asked his mom to buy posters for his room, so Jill took it upon herself to create some custom posters – including a life-size cutout of herself!

Jill documented the entire prank on her TikTok page, @jillwagner81, and the videos have since gone viral. In the first video, we see Hakin’s family setting up the posters in his room, which included the cutout of Jill and a poster of his dad. Hakin had no idea what was in store for him!

When Hakin finally saw the posters, his reaction was priceless. He immediately told his parents to take the cutout down, but couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. Speaking to Insider, Hakin mentioned that his parents are always up to some crazy antics, and this prank was no exception.

The videos of Hakin’s reaction have garnered over a million views, with viewers praising Jill for her hilarious and sweet gesture. Many have even been inspired to pull a similar prank on their own children when they head off to college.

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to send your child off to college, take a page out of Jill’s book and consider a custom poster prank. Who knows, it might just become a tradition in your family too!

Have you ever pulled a prank on your kids or been on the receiving end of one? Share your stories in the comments below!


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