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Exploring the Unique Housing Experience at Best Western University Inn and Westfall Hall

“Living at the Best Western University Inn: A Nontraditional Start to College Life”

Are you ready for a unique college experience? Imagine starting your academic year in a hotel instead of a traditional dormitory. That’s exactly what about 150 students at Colorado State University experienced last year when they were placed in the Best Western University Inn for temporary housing due to construction at Westfall Hall.

Julian Gordon, a second-year student who stayed at the Best Western, described the experience as “living the life of luxury.” Despite the comfort and convenience of hotel living, it posed unique challenges for students who were looking to engage in the typical first-year social scene.

Bill Summey, the general manager of Best Western University Inn, recognized the challenges and put on events to help students feel connected and at home. From tarp painting parties to pizza and music gatherings, efforts were made to create a sense of community among the temporary residents.

However, some students like Gordon still struggled with the drawbacks of being off-campus and not being able to make connections with peers living in traditional dorms. The separation made it challenging to integrate into existing friend groups and social circles.

Fast forward to this school year, and Westfall Hall has opened its doors to residents with numerous improvements, including energy-efficient windows, heater upgrades, new furnishings, and fresh paint. The new additions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the residence hall but also contribute to energy efficiency and better lighting.

Residents at Westfall are now enjoying a more typical college dorm experience, with community-style bathrooms and shared spaces fostering connections and bonding among peers. Faraaz Bukhari, a residence assistant at Westfall, highlights the allure of communal living and the opportunities it provides for building relationships.

As this year’s first-year class settles into Westfall Hall, the contrast with last year’s experience at the Best Western is apparent. The social interactions and sense of community that come with dorm living are invaluable for many students, as Gordon reflects on the missed opportunities for connections and friendships.

While the Best Western University Inn provided a temporary refuge for students during construction, the return to Westfall Hall signifies a return to the traditional college experience. As students adjust to dorm life and embrace the opportunities for social interaction, the memories of the unique start to their college career at the Best Western will surely be unforgettable.

Are you a student who stayed at the Best Western University Inn last year? Share your experiences and reflections on this nontraditional college living arrangement!


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