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Household Essentials Storage 20-Pocket Closet Shoe File, Single Hook System, Silver




With its 20 clear plastic pockets and sleek profile, this closet shoe file is a great addition to any shoe lover’s closet. Off the floor and away from the elements, your shoes will last and look new longer with the use of this pocket organizer. This pocket shoe organizer can hang on rod or wire closets with its single sturdy hook. The slim design allows it to fit nicely alongside your clothes, without taking up too much extra space. Your shoes can be stored individually within the pockets to prevent snagging or scuffing. This is a great choice for formal footwear that are made of delicate materials or have beaded or otherwise ornate details. Each pocket is made of a clear and high-quality plastic to display and secure your shoes in place. The poly linen backing is gentle, preventing scuffs or scrapes. The specialized form of this organizer makes it easy to move and relocate, perfect for a college student or apartment resident. The abundant storage potential and slim design truly make this pocket closet shoe organizer stand out amongst similar products. The high-quality material and smart design will help keep your shoes organized while taking up the least amount of space possible.
This 20-pocket closet shoe file is a compact and innovative way to store footwear from everyday tennis shoes to elaborate dress shoes.
Polyester linen fabric organizer with high-quality plastic pockets to store up to 10 pairs of shoes.
Use to protect, display and organize your collection of footwear.
Hangs on rod or wire closets on a single hook system.
62” H x 10” W x 12” D

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Customers like the performance, storage space, and value of the shoe organizer. For example, they mention it works perfectly for their needs, the pockets are large enough to fit most heels, and it’s good value for money. That said, opinions are mixed on fit and quality.

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