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Product Description

Vin Storage Trunks for college studentsVin Storage Trunks for college students

The VIN Armored Trunk is the perfect furniture trunk for extra security, designer style, and handy storage that you need!

Open storage space for college students, sorority sisters and frat guysOpen storage space for college students, sorority sisters and frat guys

Locking padlock clasp gold accentsLocking padlock clasp gold accents

Inset rubber wheels with nailhead rivet accentsInset rubber wheels with nailhead rivet accents

Metal inset handle for extra strength and durabilityMetal inset handle for extra strength and durability

Practical and Spacious

One of the best parts about this durable trunk is its use as a functional storage piece! This armored trunk is perfect to keep extra bedding, clothes, or even a secret snack stash, out of the way but easy to access.

Secure Locking Clasps

The clasps on this sturdy trunk keep your belongings safe! Secure latch clasps on the front of this locking trunk offer added security, making this storage trunk a functional and safe place to keep your personal belongings.

Durable Rubber Wheels

These rolling wheels turn this lightweight trunk into a practical and portable room storage solution. The sleek rubber material of these wheels also helps protect your flooring when moving this footlocker trunk.

Sunken Moving Handle

Handles are set into the sides of this useful trunk for extra space saving capabilities. They also allow for easy transportation so this armored trunk can be moved and stored without any hassle.

Underbed Space Saving Storage Solutions for College StudentsUnderbed Space Saving Storage Solutions for College Students

Upright Storage Trunk for College SuppliesUpright Storage Trunk for College Supplies

Metal rivet industrial hinge Metal rivet industrial hinge

Fashionable Trunks for Storing your dorm and college suppliesFashionable Trunks for Storing your dorm and college supplies

Compact for Storage

Thanks to a specialized streamlined design, this lightweight storage footlocker is the perfect size to save even more space in your home by storing it under your bed, in the closet, or in the garage.

Many Versatile Uses

This trunk can be positioned on its side thanks to rubber bumpers that protect both this trunk and your floor. Whether you store this trunk upright or on its side, it is perfect to store your belongings and keep them secure.

Industrial Metal Accents

Sturdy nailhead rivet hinges are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. These back hinges are designed with real metal for high quality construction that won’t bend, break, or snap under pressure.

Mix and Match Trunks

Coordinate and stack multiple trunks for as much practical storage as you need. These armored trunks are strong enough to stack and lock away your belongings for extra privacy and durability.

Aluminum Armored Locked TrunkAluminum Armored Locked Trunk

Save space, store your stuff, & make a stylish statement!

Your college dorm room will be short on useful storage space, so you’re going to need more places to store your dorm essentials than what is available to you. For extra essential storage, a sturdy trunk is a must-have dorm item. Not only does this dorm necessity add plenty of practical and secure storage to your college room, it also adds to your college decor. Here you will find our line of VIN Trunks. These storage trunks have a streamlined appearance with durable wheels and inset handles to reduce the amount of space this dorm essential takes up. Plus, with high quality construction and long-lasting durability, you’ll be able to use the VIN Armored Trunk long beyond college!

DormCo College Dorm Supplies and Solutions from the USADormCo College Dorm Supplies and Solutions from the USA

DormCo – USA based Dorm Supplies Superstore

DormCo is a USA Corporation that focuses on creating innovative dorm essential brands and small space living products. Starting in 2010, with a 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse, Dorm Company has grown to over 180,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space in Buffalo, NY and Nashville, TN. For over 10 years, DormCo has helped students (and their parents) realize the excitement of leaving home and starting their freshman year of college.

DormCo’s trustworthy service and quality products can provide everything you need to make your transition seamless and comfortable with Twin XL bedding (Byourbed brand), trunks, seating, organizers, decor, and more. Moving from home to college is a time you’ll always remember and you need a wide selection of reliable and useful products that create a home within a college dorm.

Not in college, but love our products? Not a problem! Whether you’re buying for a home, apartment, or office, our products transcend college dorms and can be used in a number of locations.

Durable storage trunk with sleek appearance – 28.35 x 16.93 x 15.35
Extra durable inset wheels reduce floor space and allow for easy transport
Inset handles on each end to easily pull this sleek trunk
Inset locking clasps are lockable with your own padlocks
Lightweight by design – weighs under 20 pounds with a durable plywood construction!


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