Home Products Convertible Sleeper Chair Bed with Pillow Memory Foam Fold Sofa Bed Couch Futon Lazy for Living Room/Home Office/Guest Beds/Apartment/Upstairs Loft,Twin Size,Dark Gray

Convertible Sleeper Chair Bed with Pillow Memory Foam Fold Sofa Bed Couch Futon Lazy for Living Room/Home Office/Guest Beds/Apartment/Upstairs Loft,Twin Size,Dark Gray




Product Description

folding sofa bedfolding sofa bed

Memory Foam Floor Sofa Bed Couch Space Saving

Twin sleeper sofa bed is a stylish and compact modern furniture.The sofa is coverstilbe and form to four sitting and sleeping positions easily.You can have it just as a sofa, as a bed, a chaise sofa or a laid-back lounge.Due to its versatility,it is perfect for spare rooms, living rooms,bed rooms,rec room,office and RV.Whatever you want to use the sofa bed for,there are wonderful ideas to make it happen!


Folding Sofa BedFolding Sofa Bed

Multi-Function Fold Out Couch Chair Bed

sofa bedsofa bed

Sofa bedSofa bed

sofa bedsofa bed

Breathable Skin-Friendly Cover

The sofa fabric is made of breathable linen fabric, characterized by soft, breathable and skin-friendly.

High Density Thick Memory Foam small sleeper sofa Bed

Made of 6″ thickness premium memory foam, the sofa will not sag while you are sitting.It’s ideal for lounge on or side sleeping. You will not feel uncomfortable because hips and shoulders don’t bottom out.

Entended Velcro Straps

The sofa bed has 7″ entended velcro straps to hold the back down firmly.Velcro straps on two sides hold the sofa in folded position and provide you back support .

Sleeper Sofa Chair Bed for Your Leisure Time

sofa bedsofa bed

Folding sofa bedFolding sofa bed

sofa bedsofa bed

Floor couch lounge with convenient zipper

The sofa cover is equipped with a removable zipper, which can be washed at any time for convenience.the sofa bed applies high-density memory foam without off-gasing for durability and all-around comfort.The firm memory foam countour your body and provide proper support with pressure relief.The sofa allows you comfortably lounge or sleep.

Blow up couch for bedrooms adults and kids

The sofa bed features contour-shaped back support.The sofa serves to keep your spine aligned in sitting position, relieving pressure and counterbalancing the points in the body.The right type of support can help the spine rest comfortably after a long day.

Small sectional sofa for living room furniture

The foldable design of the sofa bed has changed the user’s life. It’s super convenient, especially if you need extra space or have guests visiting,It is very easy to fold and unfold, adding a flexibility to your living room setup.

Futon couch bed twin size

sofa bedsofa bed

Nigoone Tri-Fold Sofa Bed can be effortlessly folded up to a sofa or folded out to a bed. The folding sofa beds are incredible space-saving furniture for multiple uses.The unique sofa bed is a stunning add to your home that’s both comfortable and practical.Made for relax comfortable after work or catching up on your favorite TV show, this versatile sofa plays its role wonderfully.

sofa bedsofa bed

Twin Futon Sofa Bed Information

Sofa Size: 25”H × 30”D × 39”L Mattress Size: 76”L × 39”W × 6”H Package Content: sofa bed with cover*1 ,pillow*1 Note: After unpacking, lay flat for 24-48 hours to allow it to recover from the compact box until fully expanded.

【High Density Foam & Removable Fabric Cover】: The fold out couch bed is made of 6″ thickness high-density resilient memory foam, good resilience, even force, durable and not easy to deform. The zipper fabric cover is removable and washable, very easy to clean.
【No Assembly & Easy Conversion】:This foldable chair bed requires no assembly and opens up for use. It is easy to move, fold, store and carry and can be effortlessly converted into a floor sofa, chaise lounge, recliner and mattress for your different needs.
【Entended Velcro Straps】:The sofa bed has 7″ entended Velcro straps on both sides of the couch secure the backrest to the seat cushion, Placing against the wall will provide better support.
【Multifunctional Uses Space Saver】:Tri-fold bed couch is a compact convertible sofa bed. It’s easy to carry in and out of the RV or anywhere else space is limited. Such as living rooms,bedroom,playroom,children’s rooms,office,loft flats,college dorms,etc. You can be folds out easily when not in use.It can be easily converted into a storage space,making it very space-saving.
【Stylish gifts for the home】:Folding sofa chair bed are both fashionable and comfortable,creates a variety of configurations,Very suitable for different people to use,making them the perfect gift for family and friends.

Customers say

Customers like the size and quality of the sofa. For example, they say it’s well made, durable, and firm. They also appreciate the comfort, color, and versatility. That said, some complain about the sturdiness and height. They say it isn’t solid enough to hold an adult, and is very low to the floor. Opinions are mixed on value.

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