Predicting Your Current Self Based on Your 2010 Dorm Room Aesthetic

Analysis of College Dorm Room Decor and What it Says About You

College dorm rooms are like a time capsule of our past selves, reflecting our interests, personalities, and dreams. From Eiffel Tower decor to PETA stickers, each item in your dorm room tells a story about who you were back then and who you are now.

If you had anything Eiffel Tower related, you were probably mocked for being a French major, but now you’re living your best life in Lisbon with your hot architect partner. PETA stickers may have indicated your passion for animal rights, leading you to become an activist or a conspiracy theorist. And if you had a white faux fur papasan chair, you’re now a chic aunt hosting Real Housewives watch parties and writing steamy romance novels by candlelight.

Marilyn Monroe posters may have hinted at your Lana Del Rey obsession, while fairy lights and Harry Potter decor revealed your love for cozy vibes and magical worlds. And if you had Paul Frank everything, you were likely a 500 Days of Summer fan who now DJs and listens to Phoebe Bridgers on repeat.

No matter what your dorm room decor said about you back then, it’s all part of your journey to where you are now. So embrace your past self, laugh at the memories, and appreciate how far you’ve come since those wild college days.


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