Pinterest’s Top Dorm Room Decor Trends for 2024

Top Dorm Room Decor Trends for 2024: Pinterest Report

Are you a college student getting ready to move into your dorm room for the upcoming academic year? If so, you’re probably already thinking about how to style your space to make it feel like home. Luckily, Pinterest has just released their 2024 dorm room trend report, and the findings are sure to inspire you.

One of the most popular trends among college students is the “baddie dorm room aesthetic.” Searches for this style have increased by a staggering 775%, with elements like neon lighting, mirrors, and gold accents taking center stage. If you want to channel your inner baddie, consider adding a high heel chair, vintage camera photos, and star string lights to your decor.

If you’re more into a coastal vibe, you’re in luck—searches for “coastal granddaughter dorm” have risen by over 200%. Think bright whites, light blues, and beachy accents like seashells and starfish. Rattan furniture and linen curtains will help complete the look and create a relaxing, beachy atmosphere in your room.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, gothic dorm room decor is also trending, with an 80% increase in searches. Think deep velvets, dark jewel tones, and moody wallpaper to create a gothic vibe in your space. Lace drapes, antique paintings, and drippy candles can help you achieve this dark and dramatic look.

If you’re a nature lover, the earthy dorm trend might be more your style. Searches for this aesthetic have increased by 45%, with lots of green and plant-related decor popping up on Pinterest. Faux plant vines, wood accents, and air-purifying plants can help you bring the outdoors inside and create a calming, earthy atmosphere in your room.

Lastly, the coquette core dorm trend is all about embracing your feminine side with elements like bows, florals, and lace. Searches for this style have increased by 40%, with interest in “vintage coquette room” skyrocketing by 5,555%. Pink decor, girly accents, and floral patterns can help you achieve this cute and flirty look in your dorm room.

No matter what your style preferences are, Pinterest’s dorm room trend report has something for everyone. So start pinning your favorite ideas and get ready to transform your dorm room into a space that reflects your personality and style. Happy decorating!


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