Essential Items for a Louisiana Dorm Room

Essential Dorm Room Items for College Freshmen

Are you starting college in the fall and moving into a dorm for the first time? It can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. You’re leaving home, entering a new city, and meeting new people. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a list of essential items you’ll need to make your dorm room feel like home.

  1. Mattress Pad: Most dorm beds are stiff and uncomfortable. Invest in a mattress pad to make your bed more plush and cozy. You can find one at Target for $22.50.

  2. Shower Shoes: If you have a communal bathroom, shower shoes are a must. Protect your feet from germs and bacteria with a pair of rubber shower shoes, available on Amazon for $15.99.

  3. Shower Caddy: Keep all your shower essentials organized and easily accessible with a shower caddy. No more juggling multiple products in your hands. Grab a gray shower caddy from Target for $6.

  4. First-Aid Kit: Accidents happen, so it’s essential to have a basic first-aid kit on hand for minor injuries. You can purchase one on Amazon for $16.44.

  5. Laundry Bag: With communal laundry facilities, a portable laundry bag is a lifesaver. Easily transport your clothes to and from the laundry room. Get one from Bed Bath and Beyond for $6.

  6. Outlet Power Strip: Dorm rooms often have limited power outlets. Stay charged up and connected with an outlet power strip. Walmart offers a pack of two for $22.03.

  7. Under-the-Bed Storage: Maximize your storage space with under-the-bed storage containers. Perfect for stashing away clothes and other items. Ikea has them for $9.99.

  8. Command Hooks: Hang up decorations without damaging the walls using command hooks. They’re easy to use and versatile. Grab a variety pack on Amazon for $22.99.

  9. Dorm Shoes: Slip into a pair of comfy dorm shoes, like house slippers, for lounging around your room. Walmart has them for $8.99.

  10. Small Fan: Keep cool during those warm fall and spring months with a small fan. Amazon offers them for $16.99.

These essentials will help you settle into your new dorm room and make it feel like home. Happy dorm living!


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