12 Cool Products to Keep Your College Dorm Room Comfortable in 2023

Stay Cool in Your Dorm with These Essential Products

Are you heading off to college soon and wondering what you need to stay cool in your dorm room? Well, look no further! We’ve got you covered with a list of essential products that will help you beat the heat and stay comfortable all year round.

First things first, if your dorm doesn’t have adequate air conditioning, you’ll definitely want to invest in a fan. Whether it’s a window air conditioner, a box fan, or a portable AC unit, having some form of cooling device is crucial for surviving those hot summer months and stuffy winter nights.

One great option is the GE air conditioner, which is perfect if ACs are allowed in your dorm. If not, a reliable box fan like the one we recommend can still provide much-needed relief. You can even enhance its cooling power by placing freezer packs or a bucket of ice in front of it.

For those in muggy climates, a dehumidifier like the Eva-Dry can help cool your room by removing excess moisture from the air. And if you’re looking for a more personal cooling solution, the Evapolar evaChill is a portable, misting device that can keep you comfortable during long study sessions or while you sleep.

But staying cool isn’t just about the air temperature – it’s also about your bedding. Consider upgrading your dorm mattress with a cooling memory foam topper like the Lucid Bamboo Charcoal topper. Pair it with breathable sheets like the ones recommended by our contributor Connie Chen for the ultimate comfort.

And don’t forget about your pillows and comforter! Gel pillows like the Beckham Hotel Collection are great for staying cool, while a down comforter like the Lands’ End Down Comforter is perfect for hot sleepers.

To block out the sun and keep your room cool, thermal blackout curtains are a must-have. And for those late-night study sessions or early morning classes, a cooling sleep mask can help you get some much-needed rest.

Lastly, don’t forget to stay hydrated with a cold beverage by your side. A Hydroflask water bottle can keep your drinks chilled for hours, while the Toddy Cold Brew System is perfect for making refreshing cold brew coffee during those hot summer days.

With these dorm essentials in hand, you’ll be able to stay cool and comfortable no matter what the weather throws at you. So, make sure to add these products to your shopping list before you head off to college. Stay cool, stay comfortable, and have a great semester!


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